Located and Designed in Aarhus, Denmark

Dark House is the last in a series of translations through various media: photography, installation, prose, graphic, diagram, and architecture. These translations each explore related conceptual facets stemming from an analysis of a photograph of a dancer mid-performance. The analysis was then translated into a small installation of twine, and later, a brief written narrative describing the dancer’s encounter of an unexpected presence through the exploration of an interior space. A visual graphic was then developed, collapsing pivotal moments of the narrative into fragments of the final scene.

The manifestations of these translations served as conceptual, material, and spatial inspiration, guiding the architectural translation towards, at its simplest, a sequence of spaces that programmatically function as the various core rooms of a house. The building provides spaces for eating, dining, sleeping, washing, and relaxing, defined by light and furniture.

The sequence mirrors the changes in perception of space described in the written narrative, to collectively build up and form a broader experience.