With Dylan Johnston & Neil Yan
Montreal, Canada

The Grey Nun’s Motherhouse is an artifact of Quebec’s religiously steeped foundations. Its importance in the city of Montreal has declined conversely with the city’s growth towards modernity, globalization and liberalism.

Concordia University has purchased the Convent in order to progress its plans to create the “Quartier Concordia”, an amassing of city blocks located on Montreal’s most populous mixed commercial street, dedicated to student residences, departments and lounges. Concordia has decided to relocate its Faculty of Fine Arts (FOFA) onto the entirety of the block, and to still maintain the Convent’s catacombs, which continues to house the remains of the Grey Nuns.

The project proposes a master plan in which the modes of creativity, their products, and common perceptions of “art”, are freed, funneled, redefined, directed, and then presented into the public domain. It also presents a method of maintaining the relevancy of the Convent’s historical and spiritual significance amongst the education, production, and valuation of art.