Designed and Fabricated in Aarhus, Denmark with Mengfan Chen and Marius Makos
Photos Courtesy of Robert B. Trempe Jr.

To attack vigorously or violently; assault

Over a one week workshop, groups experimented with a new wood veneer material that is able to accomodate double-curved surfaces. Each group was given a word that would determine and guide the design of these wood veneer columns.  Through computational modeling and programming a 6-axis robot to hotwire cut EPS foam for the initial mold, a series of columns were produced that explored and exploited the pliability and flexibility of the veneer.

The mold geometry for the “Assail” column was defined by a collection of specifically placed dramatic angles and narrowing faces that met at sharp and short edges. It was forced into a material that is naturally inclined towards subtle and gradual curves. The resulting cast and mold displays the collision of both the planned and unexpected disruption of material.